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November 2008
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Hail the Mega Drive

The Sega Mega Drive, or Genesis in the US, celebrates it’s 20th anniversary this year. Originally out on the 29th of October 1988 in Japan, I’m writing this to be released on the European launch date, November 30th 1990.

The Mega Drive was my first ever console. I did have a Commodore 128 before it and I was well versed in the forays of the video games by that time. I mean I was eight, what did you expect. This console has kept my love for Sega alive for all these years while every one else had their Marios and Metroids and and then later they had their Playstations and jaguars and all that, I had my Mega Drive and Dreamcast by my side.

It’s been a long time, but I do believe that I was one of the first of my friends to have a 16-bit system. And compared to for example the Mario games on the NES, Sonic blew them out of the water. Also what Sega had at the time was the huge support from EA to bring NHL and FIFA and all those great top-down or isometric sports games to your tv-screens. And while a huge Speedball 2 fan, There’s nothing like a good game of hockey.

It does make me feel really old seeing that this box is 20 years old already, but it was there to kick start my gamer life and I just love it to bits. I think I really need to find a real one again, emulators or the Live Arcade Sonic games just aren’t the same thing.

While the launch in the US and Europe were great for the console, it’s a sad story from there onwards. The tower of doom that is the Sega X32 and Mega CD addons, the forgotten Saturn and the marketing flop that is the Dreamcast, that was the downfall of Sega as a platform holder in the console wars. But they left us with some great IP’s like Sonic.. err.. Well it used to be great. And Rez from the Dreamcast. And ECCO the dolphin. I wonder where he is now..

Well, maybe a lot of the games have been forgotten and maybe that’s a good thing. But the system was great, the games were great at the time and it’s a bloody shame what happened to all that came afterward. Now we will proceed to the burial at sea. So long, buddy. *sniff*

One quick mention here to 1up, go and check out the Retronauts podcast, episodes around 50, they had 2-3 hours of talk about Sega and it’s history

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