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February 2020
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About Jason Babo

I’m a passionate late-twenties internet & gaming “geek”. With a lot of hard work, I have had great career opportunities. I mainly work in community & content management for the online gaming industry.


I try to keep myself up-to-date with anything related to what I call “internet media”. As a gamer, I mainly concentrate on MMOs, MOBAs, and FPS games. Sadly, my passion for console games died out many years ago, but I’m attempting to resurrect that passion and get myself into console gaming again.


My free time is spent either entertaining myself with movies and/or series, or playing MOBAs such as League of Legends, MMOs such as Star Wars: The Old Republic or World of Warcraft, or FPS games such as Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (that’s right!), Team Fortress 2, and Battlefield 3.


I do hope you enjoy Epic Spoon. This is a hobby of mine and an idea I’ve had for a while. Together with Paul and Pinkkis, we have taken our passion for gaming and turned it into something we can share with the world.

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