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November 2008
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Falling out

Let’s call this ‘Fallout, first impressions’. Others might say “Fallout 3, first impressions” but I admit that I’m new to the series so all this is pretty new and exciting to me. I sort of know what the old games were like and what they were about, but I never played them. And yes, you’re not the first one to call me out on that, but I guess this is as good of a time as any to enter this post apocalyptic world.

The vault door is open…

Nineteen years ago

They should have bought the rights to play Massive Attack’s Teardrop in the beginning of the game, you know the one with the baby singing in the womb. It would have fit nicely in just before the game starts and you are spit out of your mothers birth canal and meet your father. Then you go on to decide wether you are a bouncing baby boy or a girl, your name and what you will look like when you grow up. While this is in a way one of the most clever ways to integrate character creation into the game, cialis generique, I must say it was slightly less impressive than I had built it up in my mind. The beginning part was common knowledge since months ago from all kinds of events and previews.

Speaking of you father, he’s voiced by Liam Neeson of box office fame. While I love him in movies, meh,  not a good choice to have in the game, because the character looks nothing like him. Then as the voice is very easy to recognize, it sort of breaks the illusion due to the discord between what you hear and what you see.

Now you’re taken a year further and you crawl out of your little play area to look at the ABC through which you get to set your abilities. S is for Strength and so on.

Everything is very well integrated into the story, where you are growing up in Vault 101 and through school tests and friend relationships you mold your characters abilites, perks and feats as well as personality through the choices you make in the situations you are pushed into.

Daddy’s girl

Very soon, after giving the initial push to get the ball rolling, you find yourself outside the vault, and in my situation, not much clue on what to do next apart from finding my father. They mentioned one town and I guess I should go there, but I don’t know where it is, and from the hill where you start, you can see the wide open Wasteland.

After going in the wrong direction a few times, and fearful of exploring places as a level 1 character, I just went back to higher ground and from there I could spot the town. When I got in, I was met by the town sheriff / mayor who took a liking to me, because while I don’t specifically want to play as a good guy, I seem to make choices that are good. I don’t want to be a bad person, but there doesn’t always seem to be a “whatever” option, so I end up being polite and help the people out.

Anyway, it turns out that my father has been in the city, but just in passing. One of the NPC’s even told me where to go next already. But wait a minute, I’ve been given quests and everything here, surely I’m not supposed to already continue the main story line and leave the town. I’ve heard that if you skip all the extra stuff, the game isn’t even particularly long, so I want to take it in and experience the world. So I end up doing weird quests for the general goods lady with an annoyingly chirpy attitude and a weird accent that keeps changing mid sentence.

So far

This is how far I’ve ventured in my first few hours of the game. Few hours seems a long time for this much progress. But I’ve been taking in the scenery, which is beautiful, be it merely from a technical standpoint. No one could call a post nuclear explosion and decades of raiding and pillaging pretty I guess. I also had to wait 15 minutes for it to be morning again so I could turn my quest in. And at first I didn’t realize that if while waiting I wanted to familiarize myself with the Pip-boy 3000, the game got paused and no time was actually passing.

I did also see a very pretty sunrise, and see the stars fading in the sky. There are a lot of details everywhere, the textures are crisp and everything is brown and covered with filth. The character models are great as well, and while the lipsyncing is rather good, it’s annoying that the faces don’t really have any other emotion shown on them. It’s like the NPC’s had their faces modeled into the expression that would cover their mood most of the time.

From everything I’ve heard so far of the game, I’m not expecting the overall style to change — after a nuclear blast, pretty much everything is broken and vacant — but I hope the game can offer a wide variety in locales and give interesting things for me to do and discover.

I’ll write more about the overall experience once I’ve played a bit more, and especially experienced the combat better. I’ve only hit some bugs with a baseball bat and exploded a few heads with the basic pea shooter they give you to start with.

You’re born in the vault, you will die in the vault.



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