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Tag: sims 3

The Sims 3, Part 2: Good News, Bad News

Since my earlier post about The Sims 3, in which I was impressed at how long it was taking me to find bugs, I have found a few.  Most of them are pretty minor and slightly inconvenient.  But now I’ve hit an actual show-stopper.  More on that later. Sims 3 is also continuing to impress […]


The Sims 3: First Impressions

Paul Zero Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  Yes, World of Warcraft is a big contributor.  But I have my DPS to almost 3k, my achievements over 3300, and something like 12 different titles. But this is a post about newest entry in a very lucrative franchise, The Sims 3.  I got […]


Sims 3 Delayed Until June

The highly-anticipated sequel The Sims 3 (website) has been delayed.  As recently as yesterday, they were announcing a February 20 release date.  Now it’s June 2.  And a look at their press release reveals the reason: They want more time to market it.  I’m thinking they didn’t get as many pre-orders as they anticipated. It’s […]


Holy Sims: A Nativity Bug

I’m basically done playing The Sims 2 (website) not because I’ve stopped liking it (I could never stop liking it) but because I have a lot to do lately and I’m taking a break from this type of game until the release of The Sims 3 (website).  But just as I was preparing to quit […]

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