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Xbox Live v. Real Life

This is not something Geekologie reported on first, but it’s where I saw it, so that is where I’m linking the article from.  Also because Geekologie has awesome articles on ridiculous things, like this amazing burger that I’d really like to make. So Geekologie reports that Xbox Live has banned a woman for identifying as […]


Sims 3 Delayed Until June

The highly-anticipated sequel The Sims 3 (website) has been delayed.  As recently as yesterday, they were announcing a February 20 release date.  Now it’s June 2.  And a look at their press release reveals the reason: They want more time to market it.  I’m thinking they didn’t get as many pre-orders as they anticipated. It’s […]


The Army and Video Game Violence

CNN reports that the Army is using a complex video game setup, which simulates combat, to entice people to join the military.  It’s called the Army Experience Center, and it’s in Philadelphia.  The article describes a high-tech setup that includes games for kids of varying ages.  This adds new questions to the controversy over a […]


Sony Online Entertainment buys Octopi

Sony Online Entertainment has announced this week that it purchased PoxNora from Octopi, LLC.  This news is all over gaming blogs and gaming news, but I wanted to write a little about it because I’m a former employee.  I worked on the original PoxNora server team. I always liked the idea of PoxNora, which made it […]

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