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February 2020
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Put the Force Back on its Leash

Finished Star Wars: the Force Unleashed on Friday.  I guess I thought it was going somewhere bigger than this.  Let me start with the non-spoiler comments, and then I’ll get into the details behind spoiler tags. I need to return for a second to the complaint I had about cutscenes last time.  Worse than just […]


Loading Unleashed

Post 2 on Star Wars: the Force Unleashed.  I want to emphasize my earlier post in saying that this game is much better than its demo.  In general, I’m going to continue to praise it, but with three notable gripes: 1. Loading screens are too often.  They’re not too long, at least the first twenty […]


The Force Unleashed, Better Than Expected

When I played the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo, back when it was released for free, I was completely unimpressed.  Now that I’ve rented the full game and played through the first couple of missions, I think the problem is that they wrote a bad demo.  See, games like this need time to get […]


Bad Controls Ruin Too Human

Too Human (website), the new action/adventure/rpg from Silicon Knights, is a visually stunning game.  Too bad that doesn’t count for anything with actual humans.  I mean, no matter how shiny a game is (Prince of Persia), it still needs other things.  What’s Too Human missing?  How about controls. Let me make one thing clear: the […]


Fable II DLC: Mighty Impressive

If you read the first few posts on this blog, you already know I love Fable II (website).  But I’ve been trying to play other games, too, so I was surprised when I saw featured new downloadable content for the game.  But I immediately downloaded the Knothole Island pack priced at $10, and loaded it […]


Good News, Bad News on Fable II

I initially wrote that one of Fable II’s (website) core flaws was that it only allowed one character per profile.  The good news is: that turns out not to be true.  When I finished Achievement-hunting with my first character, I made a new one to go for another end-game Achievement.  The first time I re-loaded […]


Second thoughts on Fallout

It’s taken a bit to come back to writing about this game, or anything else for that matter. But the fact is that there’s so little spare time that I’ve had and I have literally spent most of it playing Fallout. The scope of the game is blowing my mind.


The Other Way to Play World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (website), Blizzard’s world-class multiplayer online game, is best known for the insidious and crippling addition that keeps so many people from doing anything else.  I should know.  It’s happened to me.  And when I broke free of it, I swore, “Never again.” Imagine my surprise when I discovered I’m playing the game […]


Fable II and the Henchman, too

I have played a lot of different types of multiplayer games over the years, from Super Mario Bros. to The Lost Vikings to Castle Crashers.  Multiplayer was one of the major missing pieces of the first Fable, so its inclusion in Fable II (website) must have taken a great deal of design and planning.  And it was […]


Falling out

Let’s call this ‘Fallout, first impressions’. Others might say “Fallout 3, first impressions” but I admit that I’m new to the series so all this is pretty new and exciting to me. I sort of know what the old games were like and what they were about, but I never played them. And yes, you’re […]

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