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February 2020
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Tag: Fable II

World of “Hey, how is it already Monday?”craft

Okay, so, I haven’t posted in more than a week.  That’s basically because all the time I would normally use to write (or clean, or cook, or breathe) has been consumed by World of Warcraft.  I mentioned before that I bought the expansion as a treat when I got my video card and logic board […]


Fable II DLC: Mighty Impressive

If you read the first few posts on this blog, you already know I love Fable II (website).  But I’ve been trying to play other games, too, so I was surprised when I saw featured new downloadable content for the game.  But I immediately downloaded the Knothole Island pack priced at $10, and loaded it […]


Good News, Bad News on Fable II

I initially wrote that one of Fable II’s (website) core flaws was that it only allowed one character per profile.  The good news is: that turns out not to be true.  When I finished Achievement-hunting with my first character, I made a new one to go for another end-game Achievement.  The first time I re-loaded […]


Fable II Costs an Extra Ten Dollars

While I’m loving Fable II (website), and have plenty more good things two write about it, I found something very unsavory while Achievement-hunting.  All Xbox 360 games comes with a set of Achievements which raise your gamer score and grant you e-peen.  These add up to about 1000 points per game and are split up […]


Fable II and the Henchman, too

I have played a lot of different types of multiplayer games over the years, from Super Mario Bros. to The Lost Vikings to Castle Crashers.  Multiplayer was one of the major missing pieces of the first Fable, so its inclusion in Fable II (website) must have taken a great deal of design and planning.  And it was […]


First Impressions of Fable II

First Impression: B- I thought I’d start out my first post with the game I’m currently playing – Fable II (website) for the Xbox 360.  The first Fable, which came out in 2004, was so much fun that I played through it six or seven times.  That’s something I do with games that let you […]

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