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January 2020
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Follow-Up: Money in The Sims 2

A while back I wrote about how to get unlimited money in The Sims 2 (website).  It was an experiment I started because, as a computer programmer, I was curious how the developers of that game handled large amounts of money.  I found two interesting things at the end of the experiment, and I should […]


whatcha been playin’ – Nov 22

This week I ‘av been mostly playing.. Lich King. That’s not a big surprise, 2.8 million sold in the first 24 hours. But I don’t want to talk about wow, I have a few items I want to get off my chest.


<3 LBP

If little ragdolls could be alive in this world, I would have one of these. I would kill for one of these. I wouldn’t be ashamed to be a 26 year old man and admit I play with dolls. No matter what your mood is, there’s just something about Little Big Planet. I mean look […]


Fable II Costs an Extra Ten Dollars

While I’m loving Fable II (website), and have plenty more good things two write about it, I found something very unsavory while Achievement-hunting.  All Xbox 360 games comes with a set of Achievements which raise your gamer score and grant you e-peen.  These add up to about 1000 points per game and are split up […]


Why Arcade Games Still Trump Big Studios

With all the great games out there for consoles like the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, it’s a wonder that no $60 game can beat cheap arcade games for multiplayer action.  In fact, with the exception of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series, none of them even compete with games like Aegis Wing, Castle Crashers […]


Leap of Faith: Why All Games Should Be Like Assassin’s Creed

Like most video games, Assassin’s Creed (website) has its good parts and bad parts.  It’s the truly great part of the game that makes it so much fun.  If you’ve played it, you already know I’m talking about the Scimitar engine – the software that lets you run, jump and climb in a way that’s so […]

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