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February 2020
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Tag: platformer

Put the Force Back on its Leash

Finished Star Wars: the Force Unleashed on Friday.  I guess I thought it was going somewhere bigger than this.  Let me start with the non-spoiler comments, and then I’ll get into the details behind spoiler tags. I need to return for a second to the complaint I had about cutscenes last time.  Worse than just […]


Loading Unleashed

Post 2 on Star Wars: the Force Unleashed.  I want to emphasize my earlier post in saying that this game is much better than its demo.  In general, I’m going to continue to praise it, but with three notable gripes: 1. Loading screens are too often.  They’re not too long, at least the first twenty […]


The Maw in Review

I know I just reviewed The Maw last week.  Now I’ve played the whole game and gotten most of the achievements, and thought it was time to give a final weigh-in. Let’s not wince words: this game is amazing.


N+ is Screaming Fun

I have my Xbox 360 set to download trials of arcade games automatically, but it’s rare that I go through them and try them out.  It’s rarer that I find one I really like, and rarer still that I pay for one.  But when it happens, it’s because the game is truly awesome.  This is […]


Prince of Persia and the loss of interest

When I started playing Prince of Persia (website), it was amazing.  Shiny, pretty, happy, fun.  It was everything I wanted in a title from this series.  I was blown away by the ceiling running and the magic plates that launch you into the air.  Even the boss fights were captivating.  Then I got to the […]


Prince of Persia: First Impressions

I’ve been playing Prince of Persia (website) since release day.  I wish there were more hours in the day for this, and sometimes I look for new hours just to play it.  My normal day goes like this:   7:00 – Wake up, feed the cat, eat a bowl of cereal, play Prince of Persia […]

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