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November 2008
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World of Goo

Several years ago there was this thing called the Experimental Gameplay Project. It was a gathering of a few students at Carnegie Mellon and the focus was to quickly prototype different ideas for games, each game had to be made in less than seven days.

While there wasn’t really a lot of gameplay in most of them and they all just had one simple idea on which they were based on, some of them were really cool. As an old Bridge Builder fan, I immediately fell in love with Tower of Goo. A simple game where you built a tower as high as you can with slimy little goo balls and the intertwining physics of it.

So this is a puzzle game with a very simple idea. You have a bunch of blobs of goo that stick together with some physics, try to get from the start point to the little sucking pipe to go to the next level á la Lemmings. All that minus the sucking pipe part were in the Tower of Goo generic levitra 10mg.

WORLD of Goo takes it a step or two or three further. First of all, the visual style and art direction is great. Everything looks and animates and gushes around like a good cartoon, and they even have a few cut scenes to tie the levels together. The soundtrack is amazing and together with the visual style makes this one of the pleasing puzzles I’ve played in a long time. And I’m glad to see the original harmonica theme from the free game made it in.

Tower of Goo 2005

Anyway, for some time when I first started to hear about this game, I thought it’d be a cheesy cash cow game as you often see where you can play the original game for free on the webz. (Line Rider anyone?) And no one really even mentioned where the game originated from – and so far I’ve only heard the Tower of Goo mentioned once, on the 1up podcasts.

But when I then started the game up and saw how much of a real game this as become, I can but humbly ask for forgiveness from the creators. There is so much variance and so many clever brain teasers in this game that you just can’t stop playing. The mechanics are simple but varied, you have several different types of goo. Some is just the basic oily stuff that just builds you a tower, and once set, you can’t move it again. There’s balloons you can use to lift up your structure either completely or to build bridges over spikes and the list goes on.

This is a game that makes you happy with it’s cute goo balls with big eyes and vibrant levels. Often puzzle games can get really frustrating when you keep failing time after time. N+ for example was such a game for me. But this game soothes your senses and the puzzles are not amazingly difficult but they can throw a curve ball at you and have you restart a level a few times before you finally get it.

The game is out on WiiWare and PC and I was playing the PC version. I would really like to try it on the Wii, as I have some doubts how you control it as due to this being a physics puzzle, sometimes you have to be quick and accurate with your cursor to move the balls around, and when I’ve been playing on the Wii, the cursor doesn’t seem to be very stable. But get it for your available system, let your girlfriend try it, tell your friends. Support the indie developers.

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