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January 2009
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Bully: Scholarship Edition

I rented Bully: Scholarship Edition (website) from GameFly and I think I was surprised by both the good parts, and the bad parts of the game.  Overall, I’d say it’s worth playing only if you like games that are like GTA, but you don’t like them for the auto theft.  This is a good game for taking out some aggression, since you can beat up dozens of innocent school children.  But what drags away from that is repetitive tasks and a lack of strong plot.

Since you play a student in a private school, it might be tempting to call this a kid’s version of Grand Theft Auto.  But the character you play can be a merciless bully who beats and humiliates everyone he comes across.  It’s not a children’s game.  This game is for people who were picked on in high school and need to execute their revenge without leaving mom and dad’s basement.

Things I liked about Bully:

The classroom mini-games were a lot of fun.  They’re optional, but the rewards are usually worth the effort.  These include simple games like button matching, and also variants on classic computer games.

The graphics are well done.  Or, at least, the graphical style they chose is good

The controls were much better than most games.  But these people have adapted a GTA-style interface, so I expect nothing less.

There is a lot of content.

Unfortunately there was also something I didn’t like:

The content is all the same.  Every errand, every mission felt like I was doing the same things over and over again.  This would be a great game if not for that.

Final score: C+

You’ll like it if you’re into GTA (unless you just like stealing cars).  You’ll also like it if you feel the need to abuse simulated school kids.  Neither of those are really reasons to play it, though

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