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January 2009
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Fable II DLC: Mighty Impressive

If you read the first few posts on this blog, you already know I love Fable II (website).  But I’ve been trying to play other games, too, so I was surprised when I saw featured new downloadable content for the game.  But I immediately downloaded the Knothole Island pack priced at $10, and loaded it up.

The short version is: I’m impressed.

The environment of the new island is stunning.  For starters, it delivers on their promise of changing seasons.  Whereas the rest of the game changes a couple of times as plot advances, Knothole Island changes during the first ten minutes.

The game also adds new items to change height, remove scars, and change weight.  These are things I thought were missing from the game.  Permanent scars may seem realistic, but this is a game where you create a very customized character and scars can ruin your look.  They also added a set of clothing that looks more like armor.  This was sorely missing from the original release, and I have outfitted my paladin accordingly.

I also want to note that Fable II’s controls are so well designed that even after not playing the game in a couple of months, it took no time at all for me to remember how to play.

I understand the downloadable section is short.

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