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March 2009
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Xbox Live v. Real Life

This is not something Geekologie reported on first, but it’s where I saw it, so that is where I’m linking the article from.  Also because Geekologie has awesome articles on ridiculous things, like this amazing burger that I’d really like to make.

So Geekologie reports that Xbox Live has banned a woman for identifying as being gay in her profile.  Okay, sure, she was harassed by other players for writing that in there.  But in our fucked up society, that sometimes comes with the territory when you’re not trying to hide who you are viagra side effects.  It’s when the authorities step in and punish you for it that it’s a problem.

Now, for the record, I believe Xbox Live normally bans people for harassment.  How bad is it that this woman was being harassed and one of her harassers got her banned, when really it should have been him? (I assume it’s a him.)

I know online culture is often extreme, where everyone hates on everyone for everything.  But the fact of the matter (or, at least, my belief on the subject) is that the internet is the place where people go to escape the harsh “real life” that they have to deal with all day.  Seriously, she was on there to play games.  Maybe she was looking for other people who happened to be lesbian gamers too.  I mean, you can’t find those people unless you advertise your orientation, right?

So now, thanks Xbox Live, you’ve banned a paying customer for being harassed.  This is not why I don’t usually pay for Xbox Live Gold service, but it’s sure as hell a good reason to keep not paying.  Try being open-minded.  It’s the internet.  Who even cares who you are on the internet?



Comment from PcGamesGalaxy
Time March 14, 2009 at 8:03 pm

I’d choose real life.
Get a life,get a girlfriend,get some power…

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