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November 2008
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Good News, Bad News on Fable II

I initially wrote that one of Fable II’s (website) core flaws was that it only allowed one character per profile.  The good news is: that turns out not to be true.  When I finished Achievement-hunting with my first character, I made a new one to go for another end-game Achievement.  The first time I re-loaded the game, I found that the main menu’s “Continue” button brings up a character select.  But it’s not a great one.

The character select menu shows a set of cards in the same style as the fortune cards used in parts of the game plot.  Fable II is not the sort of game where you give your character a name, so they don’t have a name to show beneath the card.  But you purchase titles for your character (e.g. “Chicken Chaser”, “Lion Heart”).  I don’t think it would be unreasonable to show those.  They could even take a screenshot of your character, who is certainly unique enough to tell apart from your other characters.  But they don’t.

What the character select shows is part of a picture of the quest you’re on, with the subtext “Hero 1” (or 2, or 3, based on the order you created them in), the location of the character (e.g. “Bowerstone Old Town”) and a hint at the quest you’re on.  No character title, no picture.

It’s worth mentioning that the character select does not appear – not even a hint – until you have two characters.  I figured “ok, RTFM, I get it.”  But then I read the manual.  It’s not in there.  This is a completely undocumented feature.  I call bullshit on that.  I’d have made another character sooner if I knew.  In fact, now I have three.

Ok, so that’s the good news.  The bad news is about as big as spoilers get, though, so read on with caution.

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