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November 2008
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<3 LBP

If little ragdolls could be alive in this world, I would have one of these. I would kill for one of these. I wouldn’t be ashamed to be a 26 year old man and admit I play with dolls. No matter what your mood is, there’s just something about Little Big Planet. I mean look at sackboy’s face. Just seeing that makes you grin from ear to ear. And everything else in the game will make you gradually explode in a rainbow of orgastic pleasure.

I’ve played the beta, and now I’ve played the full story mode of the retail copy. I wrote the Quantum of Solace review and this one back to back, and I was having a really hard time to write anything about the other game, as my toes are still curling after Little Big Planet.

I don’t know. I’m too excited to even write a “review” and to be honest, I can’t find the words to quantify the greatness of what has been achieved here. And I weep quietly in the corner every night because I can’t have this game myself. If the PS3 was 199€, I would buy it just for this one game. But as it stands, it’s not going to happen.

I still need to experience the community generated levels in full, so far we’ve only played a few. Though the few we tried were already creative and well designed. Nothing yet compared to the levels provided by Media Molecule, but give them a month and it’ll blow your mind.

The story mode is separeted in quite a few “worlds” with a similar theme and thinking of how they designed the levels in a similar fashion as how the players can do themselves, you have to appreciate their art direction and the level designers. While the puzzle pieces are often similar as in other worlds, just how they incorporate them into the setting is great. Also it’s amazing to see their scripted events in a puzzle/platformer like this, as the scale seems to me as big as what you can see in Half-life episode 2 or Call of Duty 3. Entire levels rotating and coming crashing down. Or levels where you are forced to keep moving at an intense pace like you had in Super Mario.

Another aspect that we really got into was the customization of your own sackboy. In each level you pick up costume pieces and stickers and other items that you can at any point go and change. They range from turbans and kimonos and a little sackboy doll that your bigger sackboy drags along in one hand. It’s like a russian nesting doll of cuteness. Though one of the “swimsuits” is disturbing. Sackboy-Borat. Eww..

I really wish I had this game myself now. I want to build a level. It doesn’t have to be the best level ever made, but I think I could have hours of fun in just editing the level. The tools are so easy to use, but then you can do so much with them. Don’t you just wish C++ was as easy, haha.

I will own it one day. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

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