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November 2008
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Second thoughts on Fallout

It’s taken a bit to come back to writing about this game, or anything else for that matter. But the fact is that there’s so little spare time that I’ve had and I have literally spent most of it playing Fallout. The scope of the game is blowing my mind.

Winner on my hands

I’m surprised how much this game has sucked me in. I’ve never been that much into these types of games and I have willingly skipped games, which other people call gems, such as Mass Effect and KOTOR. Maybe it’s just this game, that I remember from my youth even though I never had access to play it, that I want to catch up with it. Or perhaps if I would after this go back to those previously mentioned games, I would really enjoy them.

In any case, I think that I’m getting towards the latter part of the game now, and still I’m completely engaged in the story and the combat and everything. Initially, being an MMO-fanboy, I found myself being reluctant to engage in combat and tried to avoid it, maybe because there was no clear sign to how hard the enemies are. And given that this game is completely — and in the true meaning of the word — an open world game so you can potentially run into the endgame baddies from the start.

The combat feels really good when using the VATS-system. You are more accurate and you get that turn based feel of strategy. But then after those few shots, you are wide open for attack and thus you always have to have either an escape route planned out, or then try to lure enemies around the corner to pick them up one by one. And they are often quite hesitant to do so.

All in all

I can’t really talk more about the game without getting into spoilers. But what I love about games like this is discussing about them with friends who are also playing and comparing what did all of you choose to do in different situations and what kind of effects did your actions have. Some games have had those as well, but in for example GTA 4, they were very binary choices. Kill X or Y. And in the end, your choice didn’t change anything, you just might have gotten a new crib or some cash But this game for me has taken it to the next level and I have to tip my hat off to Bethesda for putting so much thought into the choices and coming through with the consequences.

The game’s already sold around 5 million copies, so here’s to hoping there might just be something else like this coming from them. But seeing that they started work on Fallout before Oblivion even came out, it’s going to be a while.

Review Score: Gold Duck

Review Score: Gold Duck

I’m going to be ordering Mirror’s Edge and Gears 2 next, so those along with the Lich King will by my time wasters.



Comment from Pinkkis
Time November 8, 2008 at 10:09 pm

Just to add a little comment, I’ve finished the game now. The end was pretty neat, but left wanting more, or at least a bit more epic end. But in a game of so much choice, I guess it’s a suitable ending.

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