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November 2008
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whatcha been playin’ – Nov 22

This week I ‘av been mostly playing.. Lich King. That’s not a big surprise, 2.8 million sold in the first 24 hours.

But I don’t want to talk about wow, I have a few items I want to get off my chest.

First of all..

I ordered Mirror’s Edge a while back. I actually pre-ordered it. I used a site called, located in the UK. Free shipping to continental Europe, reasonable prices. I’ve used it a few times.

Now my experiences haven’t been stellar with them before, but when I finally remembered to go and place my pre-order, I figured I’d give it another shot, as I already have an account there and it’s going to be easy.

Well, the game was released when? 13th? 14th? I got a “your order has been shipped” email from them and was hoping for the best. Now it’s the evening of the 22nd, and it’s the weekend, so it’s going to be the 24th at least when I get the game. This is just unacceptable. Who wants to wait 10-15 WORKING days to receive the game they ordered? This is seriously the last time I use them. I’ll try next time, I heard they deliver the game to your mailbox a few days after release.


Next up this week, the long awaited NXE fall update for the 360. Now Paul already wrote a little article, I’ll just cover a few of my own thoughts.

  • I like the avatars, though I’d hope for a little more interaction with them. But then again, maybe I’ve played Little Big Planet too much. I was hoping for something like that.
  • 16:10 resolutions for the VGA-cable. Wohoo, I can finally use the native resolution on my monitor and not have a slightly stretched image. Though I was so used to it that the normal aspect feels a bit odd. But I’ll get over it.
  • You can remove the 0 gamerscore games from your list. I haven’t tried yet, but I heard that this also includes the trial Arcade games that polluted your gamer tag before the last spring update. Sweet.
  • Installing games is something I will try with the next new game I get, but I have a 20 gig drive, it’s almost full so there will only be room for one game. Though I can’t wait to NOT hear the game and the drive going like a hoover.

I like the new visual style and the majority of my friends do too. There’s a few things none of us or some of us don’t like, but those could be patched I guess. Though I must still voice my big complaints towards Microsoft and their promises of the marketplace features in Europe. Netflix is of course out in Europe, but C’mon. You can’t get anything unless you live in Germany, France or the UK. AAAANNND, since this patch, if your Live account region is France for example, you have no choice in language settings. All movies, demos and so on will be in French if available. That is the most idiotic “feature” ever.

Mine is Finnish though. I have nothing in the Marketplace apart from the normal games of course. And in the few years they’ve been promising to fix this, nothing has changed.

But it’s a game console for me, I watch my videos on my computer anyway, so it’s no biggie.

Next up, I joined Steam. Yeah, I know… It’s taken me, a serious gamer, a long time.

Mostly the straw that broke the camel’s back was the release of Left 4 Dead, which I haven’t yet bought. I need to know I have people to play it with before I do that. I played the demo on the 360 as single player though, and it feels pretty good.

But today I did my first purchase there. I bought the original Half-Life for $0.98! It’s the 10th anniversary of Half-Life. And not a bad price for an awesome game.

I also bought the first season of Sam’n’Max from Tell Tale. I’ve been wanting to play it for the longest time, but just like a TV-show I want to have a full season before I start. I’m a bit late for that too, but I just forgot. It was on sale too, so picked up that as well. I’ll see if I can write some feelings on that when I finish it, albeit being an old game.

That said, there’s been something going on in gaming this week. But it’s been pretty casual and quiet. I’m really looking forward to do some gaming, but I’m going back home to Finland for a week on Monday. I’ll see if I can pick up some cheap games there in ENGLISH (mumbles at the cursed French dubbing their games) and then talk some more on that.

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