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January 2009
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Thursday Night Warcraft

I mentioned a while back that I play World of Warcraft (website) on Thursday nights with a group of friends.  Like I said last time, we all have characters that we only play together, and we usually only do instance dungeons.  This is a lot of fun because we get to see all the game’s best content (particularly the parts you don’t see solo), but it doesn’t consume a lot of time.  It’s a four-hour time commitment each week.

I thought I’d give an update this morning: We’re level 54 now.  These are characters we started in July, so that’s not a fast progression.  On the other hand, for only four hours a week, it’s not slow.  My Retribution Paladin deals a LOT of damage, and I have a lot of fun playing him.  Sometimes, party members even let me resurrect them.  And on the very, very rare occasion that our tank drops or our healer runs out of mana, I step in and pretend to fill those roles until it’s all better tadacip cipla.

This is a very fun way to play World of Warcraft, and I’m excited to be hitting the 50s-level dungeons, because they are places I didn’t get a lot of when my Rogue was this level.  I definitely recommend a friendly Warcraft group to anybody.

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