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January 2009
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Day & Age

Time for another spotlight on music.  This time it’s Day & Age, by The Killers.  This is the band’s fourth album, although the previous one was not a studio album, it was a live/rare/b-sides album (and was also very good; that was Sawdust).  The Killers have a way of bringing a strong presence to their music, in a way that alternative rock had been missing.  And I think it’s impressive that they’ve outdone themselves with each successive album.


Day & Age

The Killers Day & Age

Day & Age is a slow, pensive album that seems to take a powerful look at society itself.  It doesn’t challenge our day and age, but instead seems to draw attention to the state of our people.  Songs like “Spaceman” carry catchy lyrics, but also a deeper meaning.  A friend of mine suggested that the song was about a near-death experience, but I think it’s more a drug overdose and the hospital visit that follows, and how the character in the song deals with what comes after.

The album, which was released in late November of last year, is a very modern piece.  It is talking about the state of things as they are now, and I would recommend it for anyone who likes alternative rock, who liked Hot Fuss, or who wants to take a deeper look at society.

Personally, I hope to see more from The Killers.  They’ve released an album a year for four years, which is impressive.  They are the great rock band of our time, and I can’t wait to see them on stage in April.

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