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February 2009
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The Maw in Review

I know I just reviewed The Maw last week.  Now I’ve played the whole game and gotten most of the achievements, and thought it was time to give a final weigh-in.

Let’s not wince words: this game is amazing.

The biggest problem with The Maw is that you can’t skip cutscenes.  But they’re not very long (except in the first level), and it’s not awful.

The best part about this game is how casual it is.  It’s a platformer, but not the kind where you fall off things or die.  In fact, the hardest part of the game is just how long it can take to get Maw where you want him to be (and that’s not long).

If I had to pick the second-best feature?  It would be the music.  The game has great composition, and music is seamlessly cued by your actions.

This is a great game for all kinds of people.  Maybe not for hardcore gamers, but it makes up for it by being so great for the children of hardcore gamers.  In fact, this would make a great “Baby’s First Video Game” because of its simple controls, no on-screen text, and easy tutorials.  And it’s cute.

The Maw won’t be something I forget soon.  It’s got everything I look for in a one-player casual game cialis black.  I hope to come back to this game again.

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