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February 2009
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First Impressions of The Maw

The Maw (website) is an unusually impressive new 3D game on the Xbox Live Arcade.  It has all the feel of a late-1990s big studio 3D platforming game (Banjo-Kazooie, Spyro), and graphics that are well beyond its price at $10.  The Maw also delivers a shocking amount of fun for so simple a game.  In fact, I don’t usually buy full games on the Xbox Live Arcade.  I usually play demos and then delete them.  Not Maw.

The Maw is about a goofy little alien and his hungry, hungry pet.  Each stage is a sort of level puzzle, where you hunt down Yums and other delicious creatures.  When Maw becomes big enough, you’ve beat the level.

The game gets really fun when you eat the other strange creatures that roam the land.  These transform Maw.  They give him powers.  With the right meal, he can fly or breathe fire.  It has the charm of Kid Chameleon and the look and feel of something out of a Pixar movie.  And if you want to giggle like a little kid, walk your character away from Maw and press X.  He calls for Maw, and you won’t forget the sound.

The Maw has made a great first impression on me.  I paid $10 for it as soon as I finished the demo.  My only complaint?  I had to replay the demo level.  And that’s not much of a complaint.



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