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Day & Age

Time for another spotlight on music.  This time it’s Day & Age, by The Killers.  This is the band’s fourth album, although the previous one was not a studio album, it was a live/rare/b-sides album (and was also very good; that was Sawdust).  The Killers have a way of bringing a strong presence to their […]


Thursday Night Warcraft

I mentioned a while back that I play World of Warcraft (website) on Thursday nights with a group of friends.  Like I said last time, we all have characters that we only play together, and we usually only do instance dungeons.  This is a lot of fun because we get to see all the game’s […]


The Army and Video Game Violence

CNN reports that the Army is using a complex video game setup, which simulates combat, to entice people to join the military.  It’s called the Army Experience Center, and it’s in Philadelphia.  The article describes a high-tech setup that includes games for kids of varying ages.  This adds new questions to the controversy over a […]


Bully: Scholarship Edition

I rented Bully: Scholarship Edition (website) from GameFly and I think I was surprised by both the good parts, and the bad parts of the game.  Overall, I’d say it’s worth playing only if you like games that are like GTA, but you don’t like them for the auto theft.  This is a good game […]


At War with the Mystics

I know this is a video game blog, but most gamers turn off the games at some point and listen to music from a disc that has no games on it.  (Or, more likely, from the iTunes store.)  The Flaming Lips (website) is a band that has been around for more than two decades, but they […]


N+ is Screaming Fun

I have my Xbox 360 set to download trials of arcade games automatically, but it’s rare that I go through them and try them out.  It’s rarer that I find one I really like, and rarer still that I pay for one.  But when it happens, it’s because the game is truly awesome.  This is […]


Sony Online Entertainment buys Octopi

Sony Online Entertainment has announced this week that it purchased PoxNora from Octopi, LLC.  This news is all over gaming blogs and gaming news, but I wanted to write a little about it because I’m a former employee.  I worked on the original PoxNora server team. I always liked the idea of PoxNora, which made it […]


Fable II DLC: Mighty Impressive

If you read the first few posts on this blog, you already know I love Fable II (website).  But I’ve been trying to play other games, too, so I was surprised when I saw featured new downloadable content for the game.  But I immediately downloaded the Knothole Island pack priced at $10, and loaded it […]


Deep-Fried S’mores

I’ve come up with something that combines my love of making food (or things you eat) with my penchant for ridiculous.  That’s right, I’m talking about deep-fried s’mores.  S’mores have been a campfire tradition ever since somebody discovered that chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers are made for each other.  The only thing missing was the […]


Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

I’ve upgraded Epic Spoon to WordPress 2.7.  It seems to have worked.  The admin interface has changed significantly, which is cool for us but doesn’t do much for you.  As always, let me know if something doesn’t work anymore.  But honestly, a well-trained house cat could manage their upgrade process.  Of course, now that I’ve […]

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